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Canadian   Daimonds   Traiders   Company  since 2003 is located in Toronto, Canada and  for the past  3 years  has been a very successful diamond company, specializing in marketing   diamonds  to  brokers and jewellers  all  over the world.

Canadian Diamonds Traders only offer certified Canadian diamonds in full compliance with the Federal guidelines established by the Canadian Competition Bureau, Government of Canada, and are governed by the standards of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamonds.

The   affiliate   program   Canadian   Diamonds Traders is a   potentially  high   income   business   opportunity    for anyone  desiring  to  buy  diamonds  and  looking  for  the best online businesses opportunities. Not only diamonds investment is  a  great way to secure money  but it is also, with   our   Candiamond   trader's   program,  a   fabulous opportunity   to  make  money  online  with  a   legitimate home based business and most important, working from the confort of your home!

The amount of money to start with is small but what you can earn in return is pretty high. Candiamondtraders is a company selling high quality diamonds and even colored diamonds like blue diamonds, yellow diamonds and light brown diamonds. These are obtained through a scientific process called HTHP (High Temperature High Pressure) and it is not exclusive to CDT. CDT chose to use this method as its the best and most permanent one.

CDT do not accept investments, and the DTP is free to join. The $3500 Marketing Fee is what you can earn as a result of successful marketing.

The Canadian Diamond Traders company has been online for the last 2 years or so and is, without a doubt, a well recognized and legitimate business.

People from all around the world connecting to Internet are progressly discovering this great opportunity. When it comes to chosing the right business opportunity among all the businesses opportunities on the net today, you need to look for one easy th subscribe and to promote. I am certain we have found one of those gems here with Candiamondstraders.

Canada's first diamond mine, opened in 1998, creating hundreds of jobs for Aboriginal people and northerners. Today, production is about 2.5 million carats a year with an average price of $249 per carat, one of the highest prices in the world. Diamonds -- another high-value commodity where Canada is a world leader.


CDT’s diamonds are graded by Gem Scan International, the largest accredited diamond appraiser in Canada, servicing world renowned jewelers such as Birks, Mappins and Tiffany’s. CDT’s new direct marketing division is providing ordinary people with the chance to become registered distributors. They are currently experiencing major domestic and international expansion.


Diamonds have a very high degree of transparency, refractivity and dispersion or 'fire' which gives rise in cut diamonds to a high degree of brilliancy and a display of prismatic colors.


The competitive advantages of CDT are: No Direct Sales, No Network Marketing, No MLM.

Canadian Diamond Traders Inc. has developed a flawless Diamond Trading Program that is two fold in its goal. To sell beautiful diamonds at cut rate prices and to build a formidable marketing force world wide.


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Не так давно мне понадобился http://prof-k.ru - автомобильный радиатор, ремонт и установка потребовала немного понервничать. Из за обширной информации предствленной в рунете. Где Вы подбираете техническую литературу?

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Thank's you. Wonderfull. Stiff.

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biggrin Hello. Wonderfull! Thank's you. Stiff.

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